CENTER GOMMA is a leader in Europe in the production of compounds made with secondary raw materials. The awareness of being an important partner for the companies we work with has prompted us to continuously invest in laboratory research to immediately respond to the increasingly complex specifications of our customers.
The moment of international uncertainty, the growing competitiveness due to globalization and the needs of the sector have been, are, and will be, the reasons why we will continue to power the strong will to improve.
Quality of life in the workplace; environmental monitoring in manufacturing and disposal processing; strict controls in the production phases that guarantee compliance with the required specifications.
This is our everyday life, made up of small and big attentions which place us in the virtuous role of "Reliable Certified Supplier".

Mission and Business Values

Being a global reference point in the production of recycled rubber compounds for several sectors of activity and come up new solutions to respond to the growing complexity of customer requests are two essential principles for us.
Recycling 40 tons of "pre-consumer" compounds every day, transforming them into "raw-second materials", allows us to give a new look to waste, creating high quality, innovative, versatile and environmentally friendly products.
Making a sustainable economy in an intelligent and creative way means achieving the virtuous Re-cycle to minimize the exploitation of the planet's resources.
- Quality for the Customer: each of our products is subjected to continuous checks throughout the production cycle. Indeed, the

laboratory Quality Control carries out all the tests required by the technical specifications relating to the main sectors of application, to ensure that each product is always perfectly compliant with the necessary specifications.
- Quality for the Environment: to better safeguard the Environment, we have optimized our production process in such a way as to be able to minimize the production of waste, an attention to saving resources that already starts within our company.


With a production capacity of 12,000 tons per year and an extended area of approximately 10,000 square meters, CENTER GOMMA is a company of growing success which stands out on the market not only for its potential but also for the level of innovation and peculiarity of the products it offers. Thanks to 5 distinct production lines, we are leaders in several fields of application of rubber products, in particular:

- various technical articles
- original automotive mats
- compounds plates for molding
- compounds bands for tire retreading

Social Commitment

We strongly support the territory and for this reason we carry on many social initiatives aimed at young people and disadvantaged realities
Together with other companies in the area, we have financed the purchase of public vehicles for the disabled.
We also support UNICEF projects dedicated to children in the Third World.