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Center Gomma

Between chemistry and mechanics the waste is recycled

Since 1984 we have been involved in recovering, processing and regenerating virgin rubber waste used in the production of tires giving value to the culture of the circular economy and make it available to contemporary sectors of use. “The story is all here, but it is a lot of story”. Over the years we have gained great ability to work compounds, from the finest to the rawest, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, progressively expanding our vision and range of action to ever new and different fields of application: conveyor belts, coatings, tires intended for special vehicles, shoes, motorcycle accessories and much more. Taking stock of every type of compound to carry out the chemical transformation of virgin waste into new high-performance and specialization materials, has made us aware that between natural rubber and synthetic rubber derived from petroleum there is a world as fascinating as it is complex.

Seemingly always the same, rubber is a world of ideas, an ecological and sustainable challenge, a layering of imaginations, a fascinating raw material in all its forms and dimensions: blocks, plates, bands, sheets as if it were leather. It has an original intelligence retained in the matrix of the highly technical compound; it is capable of regenerating itself and unfolding an infinite potential for recovery and recycling; has a mechanical memory which opens to progressive symbolic manipulations and intended uses.

This intertwining of imaginaries comes to life among the green and cultivated hills of Vallesina - in Jesi specifically - where the manufacture marries ideas and a deep knowledge of materials, in a productive compound of traditional applications that flank the evolution of shapes and meanings.